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PCR Machine maintenance
2020-07-01 11:13

 PCR Machine maintenance

1). Regular cleaning 
A. Clean the cavity above the plate with neutral soap solution (Do not use strong alkali, strong alcohol and organic solution)
B. Keep no other articles under the machine and around the left and right heat sink, remove the dust on heat sink and clean regularly, which is very important.
C. Clean the plate regularly, and remove the residue in the vents,or will affect the temperature (We suggest to use soft cloth).
2).Replace fuse
The machine has two fuses, replace according to the following if damaged.
A. Put the switch “0”, and remove the plug.
B. use a word screwdriver to rotary the slotted screw drives according to the direction of arrow, and pull out the fuse.
C. Take out 8 A 250V, replace if damaged, and insert the fuse, and use a word screwdriver to rotary the slotted screw drives against the direction of arrow, install it to original place.
Note:    If it still has problem after replacing fuse, please inform our company to repair.
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