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Application of PCR Technology
2022-11-09 14:27

PCR machine, also known as gene amplification apparatus, is an instrument that denatures DNA by heating, and replicates single strand into double strand under the action of polymerase, so as to achieve the goal of gene replication. PCR system is widely used in almost all fields of life science.

 tabletop pcr system

Application of PCR technology:

I. Medicine

1. Prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases

2. Detection of pathogens

3. DNA fingerprint, individual identification (DNA ID card), parent-child relationship identification and forensic material evidence

4. Bioengineering pharmacy

5. Transgenic animal pharmaceutics and disease models

6. Authenticity identification of traditional Chinese medicine

 96 cell pcr

II. Agricultural science

1. Transgenic plants: according to their functions, they are mainly used for yield improvement, disease resistance, herbicide resistance, quality improvement and development regulation.

2. Transgenic animals: in agriculture, they are mainly used to improve the production characteristics of livestock and poultry, improve the disease resistance of livestock and poultry, and use genetically modified livestock and poultry to produce unconventional livestock products.

 lab pcr machine

III. Environmental science

1. Environmental ecology research

2. Environmental monitoring

IV. Archaeology

Using human short tandem repeat STR-PCR technology to study the genetic polymorphism of human race, and the effect is very stable. At present, this technology has been widely used in biological archaeology, phylogeny, ethnology, anthropology, archaeology and other fields.

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