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Difference between gradient and ordinary PCR machines
2023-01-28 14:02

PCR machine is an instrument widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical medicine, inspection, quarantine, as well as frequently in laboratories. With the development of science and technology and the needs of practical work in industries, gradient PCR machines have begun to appear. What is the difference between gradient PCR machine and ordinary PCR machine?

 lab pcr machine

The PCR system is actually a temperature control device, which can control the temperature well. The gradient actually means that a series of different temperature gradients can be set for the annealing temperature conditions during PCR. People call such a PCR instrument a gradient PCR system. That is to say, the biggest difference between the gradient PCR system and the ordinary PCR system is the temperature control. The temperature of all the wells of ordinary PCR is the same, but the gradient PCR can make different wells have different temperatures.

pcr detection system 

The difference between gradient thermal cycler and ordinary PCR machine is mainly in the function of temperature, and the performance is indeed very different. Because the traditional ordinary PCR machine can only run one specific annealing temperature at a time, if you want to set different annealing temperatures, you need to run it multiple times, and it takes a lot of time. The gradient thermal cycler PCR can realize multiple different annealing temperatures at one time, which can save time and improve efficiency. It not only saves time but also costs. Therefore, in terms of function and characteristics, the performance of gradient PCR is better than that of ordinary PCR, and the gradient PCR can also be used as an ordinary PCR without setting the gradient, very convenient.

medical pcr system

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