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PCR system temperature rise and fall speed
2024-06-20 17:53

PCR instruments can be divided into ordinary PCR machine, gradient PCR machine, real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR machine, etc. according to the purpose of DNA amplification and the standard of detection. So, is the faster the temperature rise and fall speed of the PCR machine the better?

 real time pcr analyzer

The faster temperature rise and fall of the PCR system will mainly bring two benefits:

1. One is to shorten the running time of the PCR experiment and relieve the anxiety of waiting for the experimental results. For laboratories with large experimental volumes, it can indirectly increase the number of experimental batches.

2. For the enzymes in the PCR reaction system, the shorter total reaction time can keep the enzymes in a better activity and working state, thereby reducing the occurrence of non-specific amplification.

 lab pcr test machine

PCR machines with higher temperature rise and fall performance usually use silver modules to achieve better temperature control capabilities, but this also means higher costs and prices. In addition, for PCR systems of different volumes, running large-volume experiments at a faster speed may not necessarily produce ideal results. Because in PCR experiments, especially large-volume, the lag between the reaction system temperature and the module temperature must be taken into account. In this case, appropriately reducing the rate or extending the reaction time may achieve better experimental results.

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