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How to Choose a Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Machine
2021-09-28 09:51
Fluorescence quantitative PCR machine has changed from high-end equipment to basic equipment in molecular biology laboratory due to its convenient operation, fast running speed and accurate experimental results. So, what should be paid attention to when choosing a fluorescent quantitative PCR machine? How can we choose a fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument that meets our needs?
Tips for purchasing a fluorescent quantitative PCR machine:
I. Throughput  
When purchasing a quantitative PCR machine, we should choose instruments with different throughputs according to the actual needs of the laboratory. At present, the detection throughput of fluorescent quantitative PCR machine on the market is as small as 16 wells to as many as 384 wells. For general gene expression studies or pathogen detection, 96-well throughput is enough. For the laboratories with the aim to find new drug targets and disease markers, a 384-well high-throughput instrument should be considered.
II. Hardware design  
Fluorescence quantitative PCR machines mainly include traditional 96-well plate type, innovative centrifugal type, etc. Each design has its own uniqueness but also has unavoidable shortcomings. However, the mainstream light sources are halogen lamps, monochromatic LED, white light LED filter spectroscopy, etc., and detectors are CCD imaging and PMT detection, etc.
III. Running speed  
Among the many technical parameters of the fluorescent quantitative PCR machine, the temperature rise and fall speed is also a very important indicator. Faster heating and cooling can shorten the reaction time and the possible non-specific binding and reaction time. The heating and cooling speed can increase the specificity of amplification. The fast PCR reaction saves a few seconds per cycle, and the entire experiment can save several minutes.If the sample volume is large enough, it will be a good choice.
IV. Flexibility  
The large-scale and busy laboratory equipment is enviable, but there are also wonderful options for routine laboratories. Current instrument suppliers have many technical engineers, and some can provide solutions for the entire molecular biology basic research platform, who not only understand and meet your current needs, but also take into account your changing needs, namely to upgrade and replace modules.
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