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Application of PCR machine in nucleic acid detection
2022-05-20 11:54

The PCR amplifier is a very important instrument in the nucleic acid detection. After the nucleic acid test, the epidemic prevention personnel will use the "pharyngeal swab", "nasal swab" and other samples collected on the spot to finally determine whether the sample is infected or not through the steps of extraction, separation, and inspection. During the whole inspection process, the required laboratory equipment includes centrifuge, mixer, pipette, water bath, biological safety cabinet, refrigerator and freezer, gel imaging system, PCR machine, etc.


Correct use of thermal cycler PCR

1. First, put the sample to be tested into a reaction tube that matches the PCR machine;

2. Open the cover of the PCR machine, place the reaction tube in a stable and correct way, and close the cover;

3. Turn on the power switch and follow the prompts displayed on the machine screen to set the program, including temperature, signal acquisition program, etc.

4. Then start the amplification, and when finished, turn off the power after the fan of the instrument stops working, take out the sample and cover the PCR gene amplifier jacket.

pcr machine 

In addition to nucleic acid detection, lab PCR system is widely used in genetic testing, medical testing, chemical analysis and other fields. When selecting a PCR instrument, special attention should be paid to parameters such as detection sensitivity, accuracy and stability to ensure that the product meets your own needs.

pcr system

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