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Keys to ensure the stable performance of PCR machine
2022-07-21 14:19

A PCR machine is an instrument that amplifies specific DNA through PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology. According to the purpose of amplification and detection, PCR instruments include ordinary PCR, gradient PCR, in situ PCR, and real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR.

 pcr machine

Keys to ensure the stable performance of PCR:

1. Stable temperature

PCR thermal cyclers come in all shapes and sizes, some are more complex, however, they all perform the same basic function - temperature cycling. The temperature of each stage of PCR is critical to the success of the reaction. To ensure consistent results every time the PCR instrument is used, it is important to regularly test and calibrate the temperature block.

2. Primer annealing

During PCR cycling, it is important to control the temperature of the primer annealing. If the temperature is too high, the efficiency of primer annealing will decrease, and if too low, its specificity will be reduced, which can lead to the amplification of non-specific products and reduce the overall efficiency of PCR. To determine the optimal temperature for the annealing,duplicate PCR reactions can be set up, and each reaction is tested by a different annealing temperature.

Thermal cycler  

3. Lifting rate

The lifting rate of the thermal block will also affect the efficiency of the reaction. This is the rate of temperature change between stages of the PCR cycle.

4. Heating cover

In addition to the thermal block, the PCR thermal cycler also has a heating cover. These covers are typically a few degrees warmer than the maximum temperature required by the thermal block, which prevents the sample from evaporating to the top of the PCR tube, where it will no longer be affected by the temperature cycling of thermal block. Therefore, it is important to set heating cover at an appropriate temperature. During maintenance, the accuracy of heating cover should be checked.

 lab pcr

5. After the cycle is completed

When the PCR cycle phase is finished, lab PCR machine is usually set to "hold" the sample at 4°C. Keeping the sample block at low temperature may lead to the accumulation of condensation water. Not only can this lead to corrosion of the block itself, but it can also damage the electrical components inside. Therefore, when the instrument is not in use, it is a good practice to leave the cover of PCR open to allow any accumulated condensation to evaporate.

6. Mobile

Finally, to prevent damage and ensure the instrument operates in a consistent manner, it is best to avoid moving the machine once it is installed. If it is necessary to relocate the instrument, try to avoid any shock or extreme force on the machine.

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