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Temperature control performance of PCR machine
2023-09-22 15:06

Temperature accuracy can be decisive in the success or failure of PCR, as all three major steps of PCR depend on temperature.

 real time thermal cycler

There are four main factors that affect the temperature control performance of PCR machine:

1. The impact of differences between PCR machines on experimental results: No two PCR machines have the same temperature control. The temperature of the temperature module is always higher or lower than the preset temperature module. The consequence of insufficient temperature control performance of the PCR instrument is that when the module temperature of the PCR instrument is rising, the temperature overshoots or falls short, and the preset platform temperature cannot be accurately reached.

2. The impact of differences in temperature control technology on experimental results: There are many ways to achieve and maintain the temperature of the PCR instrument module at a certain temperature. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the level of control to which these technologies are applied is important to the level of temperature control and varies greatly.

 96 well pcr machine

3. The impact of instrument aging on experimental results: Although the PCR system does not have any mechanical or movable parts, that does not mean that it will not wear out. The performance of electronic devices will deteriorate over time, and aging will be accelerated due to excessive use.

4. The impact of external factors on experimental results: The differences in temperature control performance of different PCR instrument brands and models directly affect the temperature accuracy and non-uniformity of the three temperature platforms, thus affecting the experimental results of the entire PCR reaction. In addition, different heating rates, non-uniformity of temperature drop gradient, too low temperature, and temperature overshoot are also important factors.

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