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About Quantitative PCR machine sample heating block contamination
2023-11-24 11:49

A PCR machine that adds a fluorescence signal acquisition system and a computer analysis and processing system compared with an ordinary PCR machine is called a fluorescence quantitative PCR machine. Usually there are single channel, dual channel and multi channel.

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How to determine if the sample heating block of the quantitative PCR system is contaminated:

1. Run the background correction reaction plate. When one or more reaction wells continuously display abnormally high signals, it indicates that the well may be contaminated by fluorescent contaminants.

2. Perform ROI correction without placing anything on the sample block. When the signal of a certain well is significantly higher than that of other wells, it indicates that the well is contaminated.

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Steps to decontaminate the sample heating block of a PCR machine:

1. Use a pipette to absorb a small amount of ethanol and drop it into each contaminated reaction well.

2. Beat several times.

3. Suck the waste liquid into the waste liquid cup.

4. Repeat the above steps: ethanol three times and deionized water three times.

5. Confirm that the remaining liquid in the reaction well has evaporated.

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