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Items and methods of PCR intermediate check
2024-01-19 11:03

According to the purpose of DNA amplification and detection standards, PCR machines can be divided into four categories: ordinary PCR machine, gradient PCR machine, in-situ PCR machine, and real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR machine.

pcr dna testing machine 

Items and methods of PCR machine intermediate check:

1. Temperature part

As PCR machine is used more frequently and for longer periods of time, problems such as the decrease in accuracy of the temperature control sensor and the aging of the thermal conductive glue become more serious, thus reducing the overall temperature control accuracy of the instrument and affecting the amplification of target DNA. Therefore, the temperature of ordinary PCR machines and fluorescent quantitative PCR machines needs intermediate check.

Routine checking methods for temperature control system include:

(1) Qualified laboratories can use professional PCR instrument temperature field calibration device to complete accurate temperature detection.

(2) Laboratories that do not have a temperature field verification system can use alternative reaction method to verify whether the instrument temperature is accurate.

auto pcr machine 

2. Optical part

In addition to checking the temperature control system, the fluorescence quantitative PCR machine also needs to check the optical system.

Routine checking methods for optical system include:

(1) Qualified laboratories can use the optical amplification simulator of the fluorescence quantitative PCR machine to simultaneously check its optical part and the temperature part.

(2) Laboratories that do not meet the conditions can use domestic and foreign certified reference materials to check the fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.

(3) Intermediate check can also be carried out by participating in quality control activities.

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