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  • Calibration Parameters of Thermal Cycler (PCR)

    PCR amplification instrument is also called PCR gene amplification instrument, PCR nucleic acid amplification instrument, polymerase chain reaction nucleic acid amplification instrument, commonly known as PCR instrument. To put it simply, th...
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  • Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Common Problems and Solutions (2)

    Real-Time PCR (qPCR) has developed into an important tool in molecular biology research because of its sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and ease of use. Common problems and solutions during the use of Real-Time PCR (qPCR) are as follows:...
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  • Spring Festival Holiday

    Dear Customer: The Chinese Spring Festival is coming.NANBEI Company hereby informsyou of the arrangement for the Spring Festival of2021: Holidaytime: Feb.11th-Feb.17th. The shipping will be delay. Our online customerserviceisavailable24 hou...
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  • Real-Time PCR (qPCR) common problems and solutions (1)

    Real-Time PCR (qPCR), namely the real-time fluorescent quantitative nucleic acid amplification detection system, is a method and technology that uses fluorescent dyes to detect the total amount of products after each PCR cycle, and is a deri...
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  • Happy New Year!

    Dear Customer: The New Years Day holiday of 2021 is approaching. According to the relevant regulations of national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, the relevant matters concerning the 2020 New Years Day holiday ar...
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  • Comparison of PCR, RT-PCR&Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR

    PCR amplification instrument, also known as PCR gene amplification instrument, PCR nucleic acid amplification instrument, polymerase chain reaction nucleic acid amplification instrument, is a kind of instrument that uses PCR (polymerase chai...
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  • Merry Christmas!

    Dear Customer: Merry Christmas! Hope you can spend an unforgettable and happy Christmas! NANBEI staff wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. In the future, we hope that our cooperative relationship can be long and stable. NANBEI is com...
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  • Year End Sale Last Call

    NANBEI Instrument DecemberPromotion is coming soon, welcome to purchase! Sales PromotionTime:Nov.23th - Dec. 23th,2020. Promotional offers are as follows: 1.Free Gift for Any order , Notebook/Chinese Embroidery 2.Free coupons for Any order...
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  • How to Choose a PCR Machine

    When buying a PCR machine, there are so many instruments on the market to choose from, so how should wechoose? I. Standard, quantitative or digital Todays PCR machines are mainly divided into three categories: standard PCR (end-point PCR),...
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  • National Day Holiday Notice

    DearCustomer: HolidayNotice:Mid-AutumnFestivalNationalDayHolidays. Accordingtotherelevantprovisionsofthenationalstatutoryholidays,onthebasisoftheactualsituationofourcompany,therelevantmattersregardingthearrangementsfor2020NationalDayholiday...
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