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  • Company Name Change Notice

    Dear customers and partners, Thanksa lotfor your long-term support and careto ZHENGZHOU NANBEI INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD..Since its establishment in 2000, ourcompany has been growing rapidly based onthe business philosophy of integrity a...
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  • How to Choose a Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Machine

    Fluorescence quantitative PCR machinehas changed from high-end equipment to basic equipment in molecular biology laboratory due to its convenient operation, fast running speed and accurate experimental results. So, what should be paid attent...
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  • The Role of PCR Thermal Cycler

    Thermal cycler is one of the most commonly used AMPLIFY segment devices in laboratories to pass DNA through polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Thermal cyclers can also be used in the laboratory to facilitate other temperature-sensitive reactio...
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  • Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Types & Features

    The PCR machine usesheatingto denature the DNA, and uses restriction enzymes to melt the DNA double-strands. Under the action of the polymerase, the single-strands are copied into double-strands to achieve the purpose of gene replication. Ac...
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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dear Customer: The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. NANBEI Company hereby informs you of the arrangement for the Dragon Boat Festival of 2021: Holiday time: Three days off from June 12th to June 14th During the holiday, any question, please...
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  • Nanbei International Group's Business License and Registration Certificate Publicity

    Business license and business registration certificate publicityof NanbeiInternationalGroup s subsidiaries, including NanbeiInternationalGroupLimited, NanbeiScientific Instrument (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou NanbeiInstrument Equ...
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  • Good news NANBEI has won A-level Taxpayer honor for 4 years

    Recently, Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2020 TaxpayCredit A-level Taxpayer, which is the fourth consecutive year that our company has received this honor. Honesty is Gods criterion, and the pursuit of honest...
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  • Classification of Nucleic Acid Extraction System

    Nucleic Acid Extraction System is an instrument that uses matching nucleic acid extraction reagents to automatically complete sample nucleic acid extraction. It is widely used in various fields such as the center for disease control, clinica...
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  • Calibration Parameters of Thermal Cycler (PCR)

    PCR amplification instrument is also called PCR gene amplification instrument, PCR nucleic acid amplification instrument, polymerase chain reaction nucleic acid amplification instrument, commonly known as PCR instrument. To put it simply, th...
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  • Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Common Problems and Solutions (2)

    Real-Time PCR (qPCR) has developed into an important tool in molecular biology research because of its sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and ease of use. Common problems and solutions during the use of Real-Time PCR (qPCR) are as follows:...
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